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We serve the Greater Victoria area. By combining our services; cleaning, aromatherapy and fresh flower delivery we are saving you time and money. Not only do we clean your home with Method natural cleaning products, we use Dyson technology to suck up all the dirt. We have a wide range of services for your convenience, from our Simple to our Premier cleans, we give you our five star treatment every time.

Our maids clean your home like their own, ensuring quality and high standards. We work in teams of two depending on the size of your home. We end our cleaning jobs with the white glove test, and professionalism is what we strive for. Our maids also organize for those hectic closets and cupboards that need attention.

Let us do a consultation on your home, because each home is unique, we can customize a service that works for you.

Simple Clean

  • This price varies depending on the size of your home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, children, and pets. Please call or email for your customized price.
  • Includes dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen fixture, counters, cleaning microwave, sweeping and mopping floors, making beds, loading dishwasher.

Deep Clean + Aroma Therapy

  • Simple clean +
  • Indulge in our aromatherapy scents. Let the whole family relax and re- energize with these unique smells.
  • Emptying all garbage and replacing bags, dusting and washing baseboards, spot stain treatment when necessary, stop wash walls, and tidying up common areas.

Deep Clean + Fresh Flowers + Aroma Therapy

  • Deep clean + fresh flowers from theĀ  award winning flower shop Sea Of Bloom and our unique Aroma therapy

Premium Clean + Fresh Flowers + Aroma Therapy

  • Deep clean +
  • Enjoy your fresh flowers and aromatherapy, relax while we do all the work. Nothing left to clean but your underwear with this premium clean.
  • Cleaning glass doors and windows, disinfecting all light switches and door knobs, folding bathroom towels and tp rolls, cleaning pet dishes, vacuuming dryer vents, and sweeping front entrance/porch.
Clean Bedroom

Special offer

- Our referral program will give you 15% off your next clean

free fresh flowers

- With every ten cleans receive free fresh flowers

McDerMaids House Cleaning

Move Out Cleans


Area______________________# of Cleaners

1000 sq ft condo or less 4 – 6 hours — 2

1000 sq ft house or less 5 – 6 hours — 2

1001 – 1500 sq ft house 6 – 7 hours — 2

1501 – 1999 sq ft house 7 – 8 hours — 4

2000 – 2499 sq ft house 4 – 5 hours — 4

2500 – 2999 sq ft house 6 – 7 hours — 4

3000 – 3500 sq ft house 7 – 8 hours — 4

Moving house clean

Direct ICBC billing available for your convenienceICBC

We are construction clean up specialists!construction site cleanup

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